The International Society of Forest Therapy makes healing forests accessible to a wider audience, promote research on the health effects of forests, and establish high-quality training for forest therapists. It supports the professional exchange on the subject of forests and health between all the stakeholders.

Better access to healing forests, worldwide

The ISFT wants to make healing forests accessible to a wider audience. For this purpose, the ISFT defines a catalog of quality standards, which serves as a basis for certification of medicinal forests. This catalogue is based on the founding ideas of the ISFT, which exists now more than a decade and which have been further developed together since then. The ISFT also strives to promote relationships between forestry and health care institutions.

Research on the health benefits of forests

The ISFT promotes evidence-based research into the medical-therapeutic effects of forests and forest therapy and has therefore set itself the goal of making a clear distinction in the field with scientific findings and results.  For this purpose, the ISFT supports scientific events and regularly co-organizes the international congress Forest and its Potential for Health. In addition, the ISFT awards a prize for exceptional research achievements.

Training as forest therapists

The ISFT works on the foundation and standardization of a curricula/training system and practice of forest therapy – taking into account national and regional specifics.

Regional Governors


Dr. h.c. Mag. Heinz Boyer


Kunzang Wangmo


Wolfgang Böhler


Dr. Stefan Seiberling


Prof. Dr. S. A. Bidgoli 


Prof. Dr. Hiroko Ochiai


Stanislovas Čepinskas


Miguel Vasco

Republic of Korea

Prof. Dr. Won Sop Shin


Dr. Darija Cvikl


Stefan Esser


Amos Clifford