Save the Date: VI. International Congress “Forest and its Potential for Health” in Lithuania, September 18–20th

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Nature Enthusiasts — Mark your calendars! 

We are excited to announce the 6th International Congress “Forest and its Potential for Health,” scheduled to take place from September 18th to 20th, 2024, in the historic resort town of Druskininkai, Lithuania, at unique “SPA Vilnius” Hotel nestled in the serene surroundings of the Forest Wellness Park.

The Congress is a significant global gathering bringing together leading experts, scientists, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe in the field of Forestry, Biomedicine, Climatology, Phyto-pharmacy and Tourism to share newest research findings about the healing power of forests and best examples of applying forest therapy in public health and tourism sectors. 

The International Society of Forest Therapy has chosen Lithuania as the host for this year’s Congress. We invite researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and join us for an enriching three days exploration of how forests contribute to our health and well-being.

Key Themes:

  • Forest Impact on Health  and Forest Therapy practices 
  • Non-Wood Economy and Nature-Based Tourism
  • Creation of Healing Forests (Therapeutic Forest Environments)
  • Forest Pedagogics and Nature Education
  • Sustainable Forest Management and Environmental Planning for Public Health 

In three days we will experience:

  • Inspiring Keynote Speakers across the globe
  • Scientific Presentations and Interactive Panel Discussions
  • Immersive Forest Therapy workshops in Dzūkija National park (largest protected area in Lithuania)
  • Networking Opportunities and Events
  • Special Baltic Cultural program 

Engage with leading experts, share experiences, and be part of a global community dedicated to promote and develop the profound connection between forests and human health.

We are welcoming individuals and organizations interested in therapeutic use of forests; specialists working in health, wellness, ecotourism and forest management sectors; professionals, decision-makers, forest owners and managers, students in this field.

Let’s contribute to a shared understanding of the significant impact forests have on our health and the well-being of our planet.

Stay updated for further information, registration, speakers, and the full program schedule coming soon. For any questions and cooperation inquiries please contact us at

Best regards, 

Congress Honorary President Prof. Dr. Horst Klinkmann
ISFT President Manfred Baum
6th Congress Presidium Monika Peldavičiūtė, Austė Juozapaitytė, Stanislovas Čepinskas 

ORGANIZED BY International Society of Forest Therapy and Association “Gyvo Žalio” 

IN COLLABORATION WITH:  Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuanian National Association of Medical Spa and Rehabilitation centers, Lithuanian Resorts Association, Association of Municipal Public Health Offices, Lithuanian Phytotherapy Union, Lithuanian Forest Therapy and Education Center, Lithuanian Nature Therapy Association. 

WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Vilnius Spa Druskininkai, Euromonitor International.

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